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PADI SealTeam

Seal Team - Master Seal Team

Curso de buceo niños sealteamThe PADI Seal Team is the scuba diving course for children from 8 years of age, offering these children the opportunity to dive and experiment the adventure of diving playing and having fun.

It also provides parents a structured program that allows their children to develop skills, learn about the underwater world, and obviously have fun.


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To become an official PADI Seal Team member, children must complete the first five of the 15 AquaMissions we have for them.

These activities develop the basics of dive practice and knowledge and prepare children for more adventures. Kids learn about diving watching a cartoon video, using the PADI Seal Team AquaMission Activity Book and during the pre-dive briefings with our professional child-friendly instructors.

Each AquaMission consists of a briefing, a practice session and a game or activity where they will take pleasure in. When you dive in the pool and answer the challenge questions on your PADI Seal Team AquaMission Logbooks, the children earn an AquaMission sticker!.

Upon completion of the AquaMissions 1-5, which is equivalent to completing the skills of the first Open Water Diver Adult Confined Water Dive, to recognize the effort of our children they are certified as a PADI Seal Team member and a diploma that Allows them to accredit themselves as pool divers anywhere in the world.

If they wish to continue learning they can do it by making new Aquamissions of incredible adventures, until becoming "MASTER SEAL TEAM", completing other 10 experiences that more didactic and instructive while them have fun, then will receive a new PADI certification, The Master Seal Team. They will learn night diving, underwater orientation with compass, underwater photography, search and recovery of lost objects and a long etc of fascinating adventures for them and everything  playing.

If you want to aim your children to this fascinating adventure you just have to contact us, your children will learn with the best instructors and friends for your children.

Curso de buceo para niños PADI Seal Team y Master Seal Team

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