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PADI Sidemount

Curso de buceo padi sidemountPADI SIDEMOUNT

Do you like to dive but the bottle weighs heavily on your back? Do you have cervical problems but you are a passionate diver? Do you want to control your gear every moment? If your answer is YES, the Side Mount is your course and possibly your new style of diving.

SIDE MOUNT is designed to make sport dives more comfortable, easier, lighter, more controlled and safer.

SIDE MOUNT comes from the speleologists divers who needed a different configuration to the traditional diving equipment to be able to enter siphons, caves and cavities. The Side Mount technique in sports diving is very similar but much easier: a small float with a front harness, 2 aluminum bottles and ... the water !!.

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In this course we will familiarize the divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of the double bottle diving correctly assembled for Sidemount dives.


  • The theoretical knowledge required for side-mounted diving.
  • Plan, organize and make safe dives with lateral assembly with your current levels of certification.
  • OWSidemount Team ID
  • Considerations for the configuration of the OWSidemount computer.
  • Entry and Exit Procedures

Benefits of sidemount:

  • With a suitable Side Mount configuration a diver can transport two smaller bottles to the water before being prepared by reducing the weight of diving equipment on the surface and during inlet and outlet.
  • Two separate air sources for underwater emergency situations are much safer ....
  • Increased access to underwater equipment in case of emergencies (air shut-off drills, etc.)
  • You can check the manometers more easily
  • More ease and comfort when equiparte because it removes the weight of the back and distributes the same in the sides, under the water when using bottles of aluminum (Maximum ease when moving them).
  • It allows you to carry more air by changing the volume of the side bottles more easily than in backmount and without needing to change equipment.
  • Much finer adjustment of buoyancy, achieving a perfect trim in any position.

If you want to learn these diving techniques and start taking advantage of your training, point up to our Side Mount courses, just contact us and set your course date.

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