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Specialty Courses


If you want to improve your skills as a diver, do not start doing crazy dives and take a recognized speciality course, when you have 5 of them and you get the certification of Rescue Diver you can be certified as Master Scuba Diver (" The Black Belt of Dive ").

Our specialty programs aim to familiarize divers with the techniques, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, problems and hazards of the different areas in which you have special interest.


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These are the most popular PADI specialty courses that divers as you choose on your way to reach the Master Scuba Diver level:

Dive with enriched air: Stay down longer and return to the water before. Learn how to use enriched air Nitrox, PADI's most popular specialty course.

Diving with dry suit: Stay warm and comfortable in your dives.

Deep Diving: Explore the wonders of the deep. Learn the techniques of diving in deeper fields of action of 18 - 40 meters.

Diving in wrecks: Learn how to explore mysterious sunken ships, airplanes and even cars.

Buoyancy Dominance: Neutral buoyancy is the key to keeping your breathing gas consumption and minimizing impact on the aquatic environment. Learn how to get neutral buoyancy with ease.

Night diving: Learn about night diving planning, the necessary equipment and navigation. Also, watch a brand new cast of creatures that go out at night.

In our diving school you will be able to specialize in the majority of recreational and technical diving specialties:

  • Specialist in Night Diving
  • Specialist in Deep Diving
  • Specialist in Diving in Altitude
  • AWARE - Conservation of the marine environment
  • Specialist in Cave Diving
  • Specialist in Boat Dives
  • Buoyancy Specialist
  • Diving Specialist with Nitrox
  • Specialist in Diving with Dry Suit
  • Diving with underwater propulsion vehicles
  • Expert in Search and Recovery objects
  • Specialty underwater naturalist
  • Specialist in Underwater Navigation
  • National Geographic Diver
  • Equipment specialist
  • Fish Identification Specialist
  • Specialist in Multilevel Diving
  • Specialist in Digital Submarine Photography
  • Specialist in Video Videography

If you want to continue learning and improving your techniques while enjoying what you like so much, it's time to join the PADI specialty courses, get in touch with us and start your adventure now.

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