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The Chocholita

Additional Info

  • Location: San Andres island (Carboneras)
  • Depth: 6-10 metres
  • Description:
    One of the dives that everybody loves doing is the Chocholita wreckage, a steamboat that sank during the hurricane of april 4, 1927.

    The weather prediction of the period wasn't very accurate, and the catastrophe wasn't announced anywhere. However, many people would remember this Easter week as the darkest from the Almeria’s history.
    The hurricane knocked down lots of lives and goods from the province. All the villages resulted affected, the ruin was almost generalized. The damages were quantified in about sixty million of the pesetas from that period.

    The wind speed reached the 25 meters per second, having gone over 935 km in 24 hours when it is usually of 150 to 200 km. There were many ships destroyed in the capital and surrounding villages, and there were barely survivors. But specially, one of them arrived to the “Marinicas” beach after a very hard swimming work. This man belonged to the “Chocholita” steamboat crew, which had been shipwrecked at a mile of distance. This lucky man was the only survivor from the nine people that were part from the Chocholita crew.

    Nowadays, we are able to go and see this steamboat by the hand of Buceo Mojacar: We will start the immersion over a sandy bottom of 6-10 metres depth. Many times, the wreckage can be seen from the boat, which is mostly covered by marine sediments Between the steamboat remains, we can find octopuses, fairy basslets, small atlantic pollocks, damselfishes, etc.

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  • Recommended level: All levels
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