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Tec Sidemount


In this course we will familiarize with the technical diving skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, dangers of diving with twins correctly mounted for Sidemount dives, which is the preferred configuration for caves.



The course can be used as a safe and supervised introduction to the sidemount configuration on your technical dives, either in open water or in caves with Sidemount.


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  • The theoretical knowledge needed for diving with side mounting..
  • Planing and do safe dives with lateral assembly with your current certification levels.
  • Equipment identification
  • Considerations for configuring Sidemount Tec equipment..
  • Entry and Exit Procedures with Sidemount Tec configuration.

Benefits of sidemount Tec:

  • With proper configuration of Side Mount a diver can transport several small bottles to the water reducing the weight of diving equipment at surface and during entry and exit.
  • Two independent side air sources for emergency situations under water is much faster than backmount (standard set-up of twin-cylinder)
  • Better access to the underwater equipment in case of emergencies (air lockdown drills, etc.)
  • You can check the manometers easily.
  • Easiest and more comfortable to wear the gear and removes the weight of the back and distributes the weight along the sides. Underwater using aluminum bottles is easier to move
  • It allows you to enter by many narrower steps easier than with the classic assembly of the twins tank, which is why it is preferred for cave diving.
  • Thinner adjustment of buoyancy reaching a perfect trim in any position, essential for diving in caves.
Curso Tec Sidemount

If it is your goal to become a TEC SIDE MOUNT diver and encourage yourself to start this course, you just have to contact us and set dates. Our experts Tec instructors are waiting for you.

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