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Rescue Diver

Curso de buceador de Rescate, Rescue Diver PADIPADI RESCUE DIVER

In the previous courses you learned how to enjoy diving in a fun and safe way. Rescue Diver learn to evaluate and react correctly to different situations underwater and on the surface that can save the life of their diving partners

In this course you will notice how your abilities as a diver increase considerably. You will learn different techniques to help other people with problems and therefore how to help yourself in case of need.


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"Challenging" and "rewarding" is the best description for the PADI Rescue Diver course. Based on what you have already learned, this course expands on the knowledge you already have about how to prevent problems and how to manage them if they happen. It is  a very important course in your training as a diver. Unfortunately problems happens when we do no expect it and we must be prepared for them.

The requirements are:

  • To have the Advanced Open Water Diver  course
  • Two passport photographs
  • Official Medical Certificate
  • A minimum of 20 dives.
  • First Aid Certification

The Rescue Diver course is based on two parts:

  • Theoretical: Where you will learn what problems can arise and how you should act, you will also learn the symptoms and treatments of the most normal accidents that a diver may have.
  • Practice: You will enjoy practicing the resolution of these problems in different simulacrums, the objective is to be well prepared to face:
    • Self rescue.
    • Recognize and manage the stress of other divers.
    • Equipment and emergency management.
    • Rescue of divers in panic.
    • Rescue of unconscious divers

You just have to contact us to ask any questions or to sign up for this course and start as soon as possible.On your training depends the safety of all your diving partners.

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