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Advanced Free Diver Level II

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This program provides you with the training and knowledge required to safely freedive with a buddy in open water environments to depths of 30 meters.

Improve your knowledge and abilities further from your certification DQI level 1. It is the moment to continue your education in freediving. You will take your practices to an adventure submarine level with the assistance of a DQI instructor, who will help you to increase your experience and comfort underwater.



This course will improve even more your freediving techniques on a supervised and secure way. By now, your breath will be much more useful. This course capacitates you to do freediving immersions until 20 mts.

 FreeDiver LEVEL II



     Theoretical necessary knowledge to improve your freediving in a secure way until 20 mts deep.

     To planify, to organize and do secure immersions on freediving.

     Breathing techniques which will make you improve your abilities for the practices of the course.

     Breathing techniques that will make you improve your relaxing skills.

If your objective is to improve your freediving skills, start the course right now. You only need to contact with us to plan your training and set the dates. Our expert freediving instructors are waiting for you!

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