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Tec Trimix 65


tec trimix diver2This new course opens the advantages of trimix to divers TEC50 (or equivalent).

After completing this course, certified divers are trained to make several dives with decompression stops using EANx and oxygen for accelerated decompression, with any trimix mixture with an oxygen content of 18% or more (normoxic), up to a maximum of 65 meters depth.


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This course also has a strong theoretical content and five mandatory dives for certification. Candidates who pass the course can access to the Hypoxic Trimix Tec training(with less than 18% oxygen on the bottom mixture) and without depth limits.

Most of the people learn technical diving in backmount (the two cylinders located in the back), we also offer the possibility of doing it in lateral mounting "Sidemount" if you have done the PADI TEC SIDEMOUNTSIDEMOUNT course.

You will use the technical diving equipment formed by:

  • Bottles of 12 L minimum each or larger with manifold ors pare cylinders, if the sidemount configuration is used.
  • The primary and secondary regulators, one with a hose of two meters (approx.) For the exchange of gas.
  • Stage / deco bottles with regulator in oxygen service.
  • Wings and backplates for the correct mounting according to the chosen configuration Backmount or sidemount.
  • Labeling elements / marks correct. Two are required per diver
  • Safety deco bottles.
  • BCD and harness - redundant buoyancy control (double bladder vest or dry suit if suitable for the weight of the equipment used)
  • Depth gauge / computer and redundant operation of this equipment elements Chronometer / computer to measure the time and safety device of this.
  • Trimix decompression information (trimix tables / computer) and decompression information backup.
  • Dry suit or thermal appropriate according to the temperature and the duration of the dive. (If students are going to wear dry suits, they should be trained / experienced with their use in recreational and technical diving before using them for trimix diving training).
  • Argon for the dry suit or other dry suit inflation system (students should not inflate the dry suit with trimix)
  • Weight system, leads (if necessary)
  • John line (necessary for diving environments with currents)
  • Reel and spool
  • Buoy deco of emergency signal (yellow) and normal one + lifting balloon Knife / cutting device 2,
  • Redundant mask
  • Slate (optional)
  • Lights and compass.
Curso de Buceo técnico Tec Trimix 65

If it is your goal to become a NORMOXIC TRIMIX DIVER and you are encouraged to start this course, you just have to contact us to plan your training and set dates. Our expert Tec instructors are waiting for you.
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